Oddly adorable girl creates the perfect PowerPoint to convince a crush to date her

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Lizzy Fenton is studying Genetics, Cell Biology & Development at the University of Minnesota. Fenton decided to to take her PowerPoint skills from college and apply it to the real world.

Fenton created the perfect presentation to persuade her crush, Carter, to date her. Back in my day, we just tripped the girls we liked to show our affection.

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-01

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-02

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-03

“Sick of your family nagging you to get a serious girlfriend? Look no further.”

Fenton breaks down each slide into the main reasons Carter should date her. On page 3, she explains how her three drastically different hairstyles make her into three distinct types of girlfriends.

“My diverse hairstyles allow me to look like three completely different people.”

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-04

If Carter isn’t convinced yet, page 4 should do the trick. It’s a breakdown of how her boobs will continue to get larger over time. This girl knows the way to a man’s heart.

“I performed two statistical analysis tests to prove my breast will grow larger with time.”

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-05

“You don’t have to worry about paying for every date.”

Page 5 goes into detail about her financial stability and assuring Carter she can support herself. On the last page, she hands it over to the critics to prove she isn’t tooting her own horn.

“Wanted to ask her out but she’s way out of my league.” – Channing Tatum

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-06

thefunpic-Oddly-adorable-girl-creates the-perfect-PowerPoint-to-convince-a-crush-to-date-her-01

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