Neighbors declare war over flags – 12 Photos

This comes by way of Imgur user HelpImTrappedInUserSubAndICantGetOut (mouthful), who seems to have accidentally begun a war when him and his housemates countered their neighbors Union Jack with Rising Sun of their own and things escalate from there.

(There is no indication that either house holds any real allegiance to either nation)

Things began slowly. He describes Japanese air raids with quadcopters and a few paper airplanes. From there they had a brief water fight over their fences.

They set up a sentry in the window, named “Pat the Head” and put him in kevlar to protect said head.

Wilson became the first casualty of war.

Wilson was the British mascot. He had been posted on the British fence overlooking the Japanese gardens.

They made up a ransom note to go about a possible prisoner exchange.

It reads:
“We have Wilson. If you wish to see him alive we demand £680,681,233 or a live cat by 1603

The Japanese.”

They delivered it in this envelope, the back of which read “If undelivered please return to:”

The Japanese slipped the note into the British mail slot. The British did not take kindly to the offer.

They replied with a stern ultimatum.

It reads:
“We, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, do hereby declare that this honourable kingdom shall not negotiate with terrorists, nor will we comply with the demands for a qualified ransom of 680,681,233 British Pounds Sterling for the hostage’s return.

Furthermore, this government would like to point out that live cats are not legal tender; nor do we condone their use as delicious delicacies.

Consequently, if Wilson is not returned to us by midday (UK time) on Sunday the 3rd of May, in the year of our lord 2015, then hostilities will ensue and a state of war shall exist between our nations.

In the event of this undertaking, the enemy ought to be aware that our vengeance will be both swift and decisive.

We await Wilson’s imminent return.

Sincerely and solemnly,
The United Kingdom”

Noon (GMT) passed and the Japanese had not returned Wilson. A bombardment of water balloons began to arrive on Japanese territory from the United Kingdom and the Japanese flag was knocked over during the attack.

Japanese reinforcements arrived too late for the flag and the solders as Nemo, Japan’s greatest warrior, was captured and executed.

Japan responded by executing Wilson.

The note attached to his “skull” reads:
“You didn’t say he had to be alive!

Yours cordially, Japan

P.S. – R.I.P. Wilson”

The Japanese planted the now deceased Wilson on a post for the Brits to discover to their horror.

In response the leaders of the United Kingdom hung Nemo’s remains from a second story window.

The body was recovered in a daring night raid.

From the British side of things, night photagraphy shows that Pat the Head is still on watch. The British have planted their own sentry, (not pictured) with a cutout of Nicolas Cage to take watch.

The previous days water bombardment had taken down the Japanese flag. Japan made efforts to restore it when the British launched another bombardment.

The Japanese were ready for it though and (with permission) flanked the Brits through a neighbors yard.

The neighbors have begun to build a flagpole themselves and plan to raise a flag for Germany before the end of the weekend.

There is no end in sight, we will update if the story develops.

Via Imgur