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Three weeks ago theCHIVE released our new iOS App 2.04. It was, without a doubt, a huge leap forward in technology. It’s simply a better user experience that replaced the outdated old app which served us so well. But it wasn’t without its flaws. My brother Leo and I have always run theCHIVE with one philosophy: Never wait until something is perfect to release it, because you’ll be waiting forever.

Instead, innovate, then refine refine refine…

Today, after only 3 weeks, we have taken all your advice from the last app we’re already release iOS version 2.05. This is mostly a performance update (speed is even faster, battery, bug fixes).

So rather than a boring walk through of the new features, they will be explained in simple captions under a photo of Jordan Carver’s world-class breasts. Would you expect anything less? I’ll also fill you in on things to come. At the very least I think you’ll agree that no other company on the globe listens to our audience like us and makes changes according to your input this fast.

In order to experience the new App, you MUST download Chive iOS version 2.05 RIGHT HERE!

Here we go!

Putting out fires!

Let’s start with the fixes you requested.

We fixed bugs that would slow the app down, even on poor data connections, as well as the bug that would sometimes prevent images from loading under certain circumstances.

We fixed the bug that would prevent you from knowing if your login failed. I know that was a big deal and now you know for sure if you’re logged in or not.

Download the new iOS App right here!

We made ‘Settings’ easier to find in the side menu. This was another biggie.

For those of you who don’t know, the new App is fully customizable, it’s really amazing actually but the conduit through which you customize, the ‘Settings’, was difficult to find. Not anymore.

Other various fixes for performance and speed, you’ll notice the App is even faster than before. For lack of a better word, I’d call it smooth.

Both of our latest App offerings crash significantly less than the old app, this one even more so!

The new features, guns a’ blazing:

We’ve updated button icons, bigger and cleaner.

We’ve also tightened caption spacing to make text easier to read!

Widened photo spacing to make them easier to see. I got a lot of requests for that one. Done and done.

‘New Post’ notification lets you know when there’s a new post available for your viewing pleasure.

Things to come:

Some of you miss the side-to-side scrolling of photos and we’re bringing that back as an option. I guess the funny part about this is that was one of your biggest issues with the last app but it was based on the idea that nobody likes change, less so the functionality – which simply reflected the long, free-flowing scroll upon which theCHIVE was built.

Two weeks ago about 62% of Chivers wanted to bring back side-to-side scrolling (also known as a slide show), now only about 28% want it back. The reason – it’s a better, less-granular user experience. But mostly it’s because you’ve gotten used to it as I promised you would.

That said, I’ll still bring it back. Such is my drive to make everybody happy.

Youtube embeds are coming for both iOS and Android!

*Android users – So you don’t feel left out, just know that both iOS development and Android work in parallel development tracks. Everything iOS gets, you get. We are very close to releasing the new app with the same bells and whistles as the iOS. All good things to come, thanks for your patience.

If you like everything we’ve done here, please take a moment to download the new App and give it a high rating if you’d be so kind. I’d really appreciate that. We’re working overtime to give our Chive community the best possible user experience and, as you can see here (if you were reading the text at all), we are always listening.


John ‘n Leo

PS – Follow Jordan Carver on her Instagram because she’s an awesomely sexy Chivette.