This Huge No-Kill Shelter In Costa Rica Is A Paradise For Dog Lovers

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More than 900 dogs roam free across the area of “Land of the Strays” (“Territorio de Zaguates”) in Costa Rica. In this privately funded, volunteer-run no-kill shelter, the public is welcome to interact with the dogs and even go on scenic hikes before they adopt. So instead of going through hundreds of online pictures, adopters can meet the dogs in person and get to bond with them in a stress-free environment.

The dogs of Land of the Strays are very well taken care of. They enjoy the sun and cool breezes of Costa Rica outside, but they also have an indoor facility that provides cozy bedding and feeding and bathing stations.

Since it’s a no-kill shelter, there is no stress to adopt, and the pups are healthy and happy in there. However, it’s difficult not to fall in love with these beautiful, friendly dogs. Land of the Strays is pretty much a paradise for dog lovers.

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