Hey Canada! If you want amazing sex, get a – hotel room – 10 Photos

To some, staying in a hotel is the best part of travelling; there’s mini-bars, room service, someone else does the cleaning, towels magically reappear, and the beds are amazingly comfortable. There’s also something else that’s amazing about hotel rooms; the Sex!

Photo from HotelTonight
HotelTonight, a last-minute hotel deals booking engine, conducted a global survey with feedback from 11 nationalities to see what kinds of sexy things happen between the sheets, and what it says about Canadians is pretty interesting. Just a note of warning the survey uses the term ‘partner,’ loosely; assuming that it’s your significant other, and not something else. If it is something else (not that we’re judging), then this survey takes on a whole new meaning, and partner satisfaction should be higher. Just sayin’.

Photo from HotelTonight
Right off the bat, Canadians admit to being more sexually adventurous in a hotel room; 54% in fact. So fellas, if there’s something you want to try, maybe book a room a nice hotel; she’d be more open to it. And do it right, room service, champagne, toys, KCCO shirt, dvds, pudding (no? Just us? ok), etc… it’s the exotic and new that lights the fires.

In fact, 1 out of 3 of Canadians that were asked, suggested that sex gets better when it happens in a hotel. As much as 31% think they they get better in a hotel room, while 37% say that the room inspires a better performance from their partner. Can’t complain about anything that inspires more athleticism and experimentation in the sex department, right? Worth every penny.

The survey also found that 49% of Canadians feel like sex happens “more frequently” when they’re staying at hotels, with the estimation being 2.3 times more frequently. Compared to the average of 2.4, we’re slightly under. The U.S. and Mexico tied at a frequency of 2.8, and the French and British were at the average.

When asked for reasons why they felt that the hotel sex was the best, the common reasons were that it was new and exciting, and they were able to relax (because, it’s not your mess to clean up-break a lamp, who cares? Tear up the sheets to make a toga for a roman orgy fantasy, that’s someone else’s problem). They also commented that there’s no one to disturb them, although if you’re being too enthusiastic, we’re sure you’re disturbing someone, but that’s okay. Go give’r.

When it comes to personal performance, the Canadians rated themselves in the middle of the self opinion orgy with a rating of 7.6, while US and Mexico rated themselves at an 8.2 and 8.7 out of 10 respectably. So, we’re modest, and that’s ok, but we’re not sorry we’re getting some. Ok, we’re sorry.

When it comes to length of the sex, 41% of Canadians said they lasted longer, and when pressed for a number, said sex lasts 25 min longer. Man… we need to start using a hotel, great way to kill 30 minutes…

You can also take a look at the charts above to see how everyone else fared, or as a conversation topic. In the meantime, go book some trips over the holidays, or even just whisk the loved one away for a hotel weekend, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Just look at the numbers. If you haven’t gotten your sex yet this week, you’re looking at 3 times in a weekend (if you recall this post). Or conversely, how about you redecorate your room to look like a hotel, save the cash and get the sex year round.