Facts that display the staggering amount of money Pablo Escobar made in his lifetime – 10 Photos

From poor farm boy to the seventh-richest man in the world, Pablo Escobar (aka the King of Cocaine) certainly left his mark on the world. Despite the humble beginnings, Escobar would rise to become the leader of the famous Medellin cartel – a cartel responsible for supplying 80% of the world’s cocaine. Because of the nature of drug money it’s near-impossible to gauge his wealth, but experts will tell you during his lifetime, Escobar was worth nearly $30 billion.

During the mid-1980s, Escobar and his cartel brought in an estimated $420 million a week. This amounts to $22 billion a year, which is more then GM was pulling in.

From 1987 until 1993, Escobar made the Forbes’ list of international billionaires. In 1989, he ranked as the seventh-richest man in the world.

Towards the end of the 1980s, Escobar was supplying 80% of the world’s cocaine.

He was responsible for smuggling around 15 tons of cocaine into the US everyday. Most of this was run through the Florida coast.

For a reference – Of all the Americans doing cocaine, four out of five were snorting lines supplied by “El Patron.”

Not that it mattered to him, but the ‘King of Cocaine’ factored in a $2.1 billion loss every single month. Escobar’s immense wealth became problematic when he couldn’t launder his cash quickly enough. He resorted to stashing piles of cash in Colombian farming fields, dilapidated warehouses, and in the walls of cartel members’ homes.

He spent around $2,500 on rubber bands each month. While hiding or destroying the exorbitant amount of money was one issue, the brothers faced another, more elementary problem: neatly organizing the banknotes.

Because his daughter was cold, Escobar once lit $2 million dollars on fire to keep her warm. While living in a hideout in Medellin Escobar’s daughter became hypothermic, so he torched the notes without a second thought.

He was known by many as ‘Robin Hood’ because he handed out cash to the poor, built housing for the homeless, supplied soccer fields for the youth and even built a free zoo.

He cut a deal with Colombia to be imprisoned, but in a luxurious prison he built and named “La Catedral” — the cathedral. In 1991, Escobar was incarcerated in his self-designed prison he named “La Catedral.” In the terms of his agreement with the Colombian government, Escobar was allowed to select who was imprisoned with him and who worked in the prison. He could also continue to run his cartel business and receive visitors.

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