Animatronic creatures that likely terrorized your childhood – 25 Photos

For those who didn’t experience the animatronic shows at Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza as a kid, let me be the one to clue you in to just how terrifying it was. I used to peak underneath the curtains when the machines stopped and the lights turned off just to get a behind the scenes glimpse and, frankly, nothing good ever came from it. Mostly just nightmares. But you be the judge.

The Rock-afire Explosion was the name of the Showbiz Pizza band.

Chuck E. Cheese looking less than friendly.

Watching…always watching.

Helen Henny was one of the characters at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Rolfe and Earl were the comedic duo at Showbiz Pizza.


Another Chuck E. Cheese member, Jasper T. Jowls.


Uncle Klunk from Showbiz Pizza.


And here we see the stuff of nightmares.

Most kids had this general reaction to the machines.

Madame Oink has been retired from Chuck E. Cheese.

Dook LaRue, the drummer from the Rock-afire Explosion, looking a little worried.

The hat doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Pasqually is Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza chef.

Mitzi Mozzarela was the only female singer in the Rock-afire Explosion. She’s not so bad…

I immediately take that back.

Billy Bob, the lead member of the Rock-afire Explosion. He really seemed to love kids.

MJ seemed to be a big fan of kids too.



Dolli Dimples was a cabaret singer at Chuck E. Cheese.


Still watching…judging.

Run, kid. Run.

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