A Canadian book with bear erotica won the Governor General’s Award – 9 Photos

Bear is a novel by author Marian Engel. This Canadian piece of literature came out in 1976 and in short, it’s human on bear erotica. That’s not even the most shocking part. This book actually won the Governor General’s Award for fiction. That is the highest literary award Canada has to offer, it’s the Canadian version of a Pulitzer Prize!

The long story goes: a reclusive woman working as an archivist for a Canadian historical institute has to catalogue the books and manuscripts of a notable military colonel.

Along the way the heroine meets Homer Cambell, the friendly manger of the local gas station. The woman comes to find that Homer has an old, black bear as a pet…

…who she ends up banging. I was going to go with “She lets Winnie into her honey pot,” but nope. She fucks that bear. I think anyway. I can’t say for sure. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this yet.

Apparently the author packs a ton of symbolism in the sexual encounters with the bear. Judge for yourself.

Are you like Yogi with a picnic basket? Just itching for more? Okay, here’s another slice of Canadiana for you.

They say never judge a book by it’s cover. Well, I think most people get the gist of it with this one.

Here’s the back cover. You can actually buy this book on Amazon too. I heard rumblings of an audio book, but didn’t find anything.

Would you read this book?